Who’s this?

Sacha: “I was trained and educated as an artist. Next, I got sucked into the rock ’n roll of a design agency – no rules, clean slates, chasing creative highs. King of Hearts is me as a born again marketeer. This is me preaching business sense and rationality. I still love beauty, provided it has purpose. And teeth.”

Matthieu: “I did the Big Agency thing: Account Executive, Manager, Director, Managing Director. The works. But I wanted to walk with companies and entrepreneurs again.” 


Matthieu: “The crisis has made entrepreneurs and CEOs more direct: What has your work done for me lately?  Entrepreneurs and business leaders want to sell stuff. It’s that simple.

Sacha: “So we sell ice cream and machines, because that’s what our work is supposed to do. We both love brands; that’s where most of our work starts. A strong brand is a place where people want to be. It can survive different parts of the ecosystem – in print, digital or in the field. It makes people’s hands itch to just play with it. Our job is not to create ad materials. Our job is to create ideas that make money.” 


Matthieu: “A long, hard look at a brand can be confrontational, but it’s the only way to be relevant as a marketing consultant. And it’s the only place to start real change. Good marketing has the potential to be transformational for an organisation.

Sacha: “If we didn’t hurt someone’s feelings, we’re probably doing something wrong.” 


Sacha: “A good idea poorly executed is just a bad idea.

Matthieu: “King of Hearts gives us the opportunity to come very close to the execution again. For a recent job, I saw Sacha spend hours creating and shaping a logo. After years of being the guys in the helicopter, that is the definition of luxury. We don’t ask people to create what we dreamt up. We make it ourselves. In the process, we rediscover the joy of being a maker.”