About us

About us

We think, before we do.
By immersing in your habitat,
we put everything into perspective.
We make bold decisions,
for your brand to grow.

We set the mood,
inspired by an eclectic taste.
We define your appearance,
your attitude and your tongue.

We keep on moving.
Packed with energy,
We unfold possibilities,
and maximize all efforts.

To stand out among the others.
To ignite your brand.

We are creative and business-minded.

We are King of Hearts, a full-service branding agency, where creativity and business are at the heart of things. We aim to reinforce your brand on different levels of communication. Based on mutual trust and understanding, we dive into a process of professionally getting to know each other to expand your company’s full potential.

We give meaning to your brand by helping you with:

  • Branding – Storytelling
  • Marketing – Communication – Campaigning
  • On & offline production – Content creation

Meet the founders

Sacha Krinstinksy

Sacha brings together all the knowledge he acquired during his previous career working for different kinds of clients. He knows how to bring brands alive with its target audience. His keen interest in culture and art worldwide lies at the heart of his moodboards and concepts. He knows how to push boundaries in order to strengthen our creative work aligned with the client’s business and marketing objectives.

Matthieu De Winter

Matthieu has years of knowledge in advertising. He has experienced the shift from traditional marketing campaigns to a more integrated approach, where brands are in for the long run. From this point of view, he started to take an interest in building brands. Since he worked for many different brands, he sees both business and marketing opportunities. His business insights are being translated into a marketing plan, ready to gain the client its goals.

We are small enough to care, big enough to scale.

For each project, we carefully select a dedicated BRAND TEAM. Our account managers and creative minds pulling together show that different expertise working closely together on the same idea will reinforce your brand. Our team of experts will work closely with your team to achieve your goals. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

We are in for the long run.

Did we say we are committed to lead you to your most ambitious and long-lasting business? And so we will, by making the best use of your budget and by maximizing our efforts. With our battle plan tactic, we offer an authentic and personal journey, where we strive to expand your business’s full potential.

Care to share your thoughts with us?

We’re happy to help.
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