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Lease Estate

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With tons of experience in the finance world, but no knowledge of marketing, this new player in the financial market came to us for help in relaunching their company, Lease Estate. They developed a financial formula that makes leasing of corporate real estate possible for SME’s. A very interesting topic, but it proved not so easy to communicate. They wanted to find a way to convey their message in an understandable, human and activating way.


First, we had to deep dive into the finance world of corporate real estate. We took their entire story and formula, broke it down into small pieces, and rebuilt it in a way that we, financial simpletons, would understand. Next, we developed a baseline, a brand promise, and created a new brand identity that provides Lease Estate with a humane and modern look, while still maintaining that financial reliability and credibility we expect from a finance company. And lastly, we designed and developed their brand new website.

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