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Rewind – Beaulieu

3D / Advertising / Brand Strategy / Branding / Digital Marketing / POS Communication / Social Media / Website / Wireframe /


Rethinking event carpets is Rewind’s expertise. With their ambitious goals of responsible production practices and minimal waste, they are setting an example for the world to follow. Since their primary focus is to combat the wasteful nature of their industry, they came to us to roll out the sustainable carpet. We needed to design a rebranding strategy – to align their avant-garde vision with their energizing brand story.


‘Let’s rewind; let’s rethink.’ Just like Rewind upcycles its materials, we upcycled its brand. We introduced a new logo and baseline, a visual identity, and a matching new website. To showcase the quality and vision of the brand, we created 3D renders of the carpets as well as of the locations that Rewind would be sprucing up in the future. Additionally, we launched the concept of ‘rethinkers’ – spokespeople for a better, more sustainable future with the help of Rewind Solutions.