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Timmermans – John Martin

Brand Strategy / Branding / Illustration / Movie Production / Packaging / Visual Identity /


Timmermans is the oldest lambic brewery in the world, and while the brand was already renowned among beer aficionados, they felt the need to expand their reach and grow within their market. Despite the strength of their concept, their branding didn’t fully reflect this, which is why they came to us for a complete update; a brand boost. In doing so, we wanted to focus on the origin of the product and showcase Timmermans’ extensive range of flavors. So, we got to work. 


Our goal was to elevate the brand to a “terroir” product that matched its intrinsic quality – all while making sure that the classic, authentic touch of Timmermans was preserved. We gave the old logo a little update and used it as the starting point for designing graphic elements, such as modern labels for the beer bottles. By doing so, we created a recognizable identity that revived the glory of the brewery.