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Woogie Boogie – Walt Disney

Brand Strategy / Branding / Events / Merchandising / Video Production /


When Disney Benelux calls you up, you feel like a kid again. Excited faces all over the office! Especially when they, together with the Flemish Institute for Healthy Living, ask you to create a concept that motivates children between three and six years old to shake, spin, dance, boogie, or sway all around. From a name, visual identity, branding, strategy, and action plan to merchandising and fun learning tools – we are proud to say we did it all. 


We made children shake their bodies and, above all, have fun. And what’s more fun than dancing with your favorite Disney characters? We let our imagination run wild and created the ‘Woogie Boogie’ concept, together with a visual identity in line with Disney’s branding. We then translated this into a website with videos and educational material for kids and their teachers. A wave of dancing children – true ‘mini-influencers’ – moved from Belgian playgrounds over the border to the Netherlands. Their dancing was so contagious that Disney also launched Woogie Boogie in France and Scandinavia.