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Claiming a full range position by creating a Bauhaus and hiphop inspired campaign


Hyundai Material Handling Europe is widely recognized as an industry leader for its use of advanced engineering. Every day, they are committed to delivering the industry’s best forklifts and warehouse equipment. Besides building and installing a remarkable brand perception, the goal for 2019 was to claim the position of a full range provider. Which makes Hyundai MH unique compared to its competitors.


Hyundai MH needed to stand out from its competitors. Despite the fact that the material handling industry is slightly growing, there are already a few strong brands competitors. The challenge was to create a striking campaign that positions Hyundai MH as the all-around solution partner for every material handling challenge.


Hyundai offers a full range of top-notch equipment, a market position that only they can take because they are the leader in developing all kinds of forklifts and warehouse equipment. Whatever the circumstances or whatever their customers try to achieve, Hyundai makes sure they’ll get the job done. With a proven track record, an international dealer & distribution network and additional services & spare parts, Hyundai always got their back.

But few people are aware of it. In our full range campaign, we had the ambition to change opinions and highlight the fact that Hyundai has it all. From the smallest hand pallet truck to the biggest forklift. Therefore, we’ve developed a brand campaign in which the full range got promoted.

For the visual identity of the campaign, we were inspired by the Bauhaus-movement. As you can see, the Hyundai-triangle is accompanied by two other geometrical shapes. In the Bauhaus-movement any used shape should be applied because of its function and not because of its aesthetic appeal. And so we did. In our campaign, the shapes represent all the materials handled by the equipment. For the movements of the shapes we were inspired by the rhythmical beats we hear in hiphop music. In this way we created a visual identity that is endlessly deployable through all kinds of communication.

In our full range campaign, we had the ambition to highlight the fact that Hyundai has it all.


To strengthen the visual identity, we came up with a very straight forward baseline: ‘From the biggest to the smallest and everything in between’, whichspeaks for itself in promoting Hyundai as a full range provider.

The goal of the campaign was to come up with a fresh and modern look and feel. We don’t focus on price or technology only, but we dare to be different and we focus on Hyundai its overall solution-minded approach towards its clients.