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AFAM Group

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DC AFAM was a well-known name in the industry of motor parts production. Over the years, the company made several acquisitions of brands supplying different products. They came to us with the challenge of streamlining their communication among branches. We were excited to ride with them. Our main goal was to define the brand hierarchy while preserving the acclaimed name of AFAM to maintain brand awareness.


To streamline the communication, we introduced the overarching body of the AFAM Group. From B2B to aspirational, they became a lifestyle brand. The striped logo was designed as a representation of the road, the journey. The tagline ‘Perfect fit since 1978’ highlights the heritage of the brand and refers to its perfect fit of transmissions. The website put the AFAM Group on track and houses their four brands: AFAM, ISON, SHIDO, and NITRO – all of which received a brand update.