Move like Disney

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How to get children to move more and sit less in a fun way without finger pointing

Concept creation and branding of Woogie Boogie. A project that encourages children, aged between three and six, to move more and sit less.


When Disney Benelux calls, you feel like a kid again. Excited faces all over the office! Especially when they and the Flemish Institute for Healthy Living ask you to create a concept that motivates children between three and six years old to shake it all about. And everything that goes with that. From name, branding, visual identity, strategy and an action plan, to merchandising and learning tools. We are proud to say, we did it all.


In their own living room, in class or on the playground: we wanted children to shake their bodies and, above all, have fun. And what’s more fun than dancing with your favorite Disney characters? After a brainstorming session – in which we let our imagination run wild – our creative masterminds came up with the name ‘Woogie Boogie’ and developed a visual identity with respect for Disney’s branding.

From Goofy’s Hula Hoop to Donald’s Waggle: we watched them all and at the end of the project we created over twenty Woogie Boogie videos in which children imitate the original dance moves. We didn’t just select the dance moves, we were also responsible for the casting, shooting and video production. Children can watch the videos for free on the Woogie Boogie website, which we designed and developed.

We wanted children to shake their bodies and, above all, have fun

Together with the two school packages, the videos are the perfect tool for Disney Benelux and the Flemish Institute for Healthy Living to reach out to schools and teachers. The packages include posters, stickers, examples, tests and a bunch of practical information that we put together with a childlike enthusiasm and professional eye for detail. Schools and teachers can request the packages online and download extra educational material after logging in.

Once a year, a Woogie Boogie school event encourages preschoolers to push their chairs to the side and move. It’s a full day of exercise, being creative and dancing. Everything is possible! When they share a cool photo or video on social media and use the hashtag woogieboogieday they have a chance of winning a nice surprise.

The kids in the videos became true mini influencers on the playground

The kids in the videos became true mini influencers on the playground. A wave of dancing children moved from Belgian playgrounds over the border to the Netherlands. And that dancing is contagious has been proven by the fact Disney has also launched Woogie Boogie in France and Scandinavia.