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When A-STAY reached out to us, they were setting up a new form of a hotel: less staff and a smart, digital new place to be, where you could customize your room. Guests can start at a cozy price and stay as long (or short) as they like. The brand wanted to make the eyes blink of the Gen-Z’ers and give a wink to the millennials. They look at their residence as a place to explore things. But how do you make these generations want to stay in the first place?


A-STAY aimed to make an impact, and so did we. We developed a creative concept where we defined different kinds of stays for all kinds of people. The city was our playground. The baseline ‘Unfold the City’ was born and created a new, blank canvas for an exciting branding story. We designed 50 icons related to all kinds of stays. Because personalization by the traveler is key, we designed an adaptable room catering to the visitor’s needs. As part of the website, we recruited local ambassadors who would become city guides – highlighting hidden gems and personal hotspots based on the visitor’s preferences.¬†