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Ultron – Sinelco

Brand Strategy / Branding / Company Movie / Digital / Packaging / Photography /


From hairdryers to dryer hoods, Ultron delivers electrical tools for professional hairdressers. But the brand had bigger problems than a bad hair day. With their image of reliability, efficiency, and comfort of use, they weren’t considered a powerful, sexy hair tool. They asked us how to become a brand that attracts and guides professional hairdressers. We were excited to blow a breath of fresh air into the Ultron product line.


We designed no-nonsense packaging that pushed their tools forward. With full focus on the product, talent and the outcome were placed with the hairdressers. The brand gives confidence; the rest is up to them. The new baseline “it’s in your hands” says it all. We spread this message through animations per tool and updated the Ultron logo. We turned on a clean look, which activated the rebranding and matched their website. Ultron became a powerful brand that supports the talent of professional hairdressers.