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Charles came to us with a great hunger for more brand awareness. Despite their years of experience (formerly known as Cock’s Vleeswaren and later Cock’s Fresh), their fame in Flanders has remained limited. Yet they offer products of unparalleled quality in supermarkets. Their question to us: How can we promote them as the examples of craftsmanship and tradition?


We crafted an inspiring concept to share Charles’ story, highlighting the human touch of passionate artisans behind each product. Since 1935, they’ve upheld age-old traditions, ensuring each item is made with dedication, instead of mass-produced. Our initial campaign, born from a factory visit for a photo shoot, captures this essence with compelling text and genuine photography. Its success propelled us into further projects, including elevating Charles on social media. We designed additional campaigns to showcase the brand, bolster recruitment, and amplify their team. With profound respect for their craft, we equipped Charles to captivate hearts beyond Belgium. This showcases that an authentic story and quality are essential ingredients for a tasty victory.