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The Bunch – Life and BPI

Advertising / Brand Naming / Brand Strategy / Branding / Corporate identity / Merchandising / Website /


BPI Real Estate and Life build plans for the north side of Antwerp, an eclectic, dynamic place in evolution. They asked the architectural firm Bold to transform the former bottling plant of John Martin into community-minded apartments and studios with common areas. As a result, historical architecture and contemporary elements resonate with the personalities of its residents: a mix of dog people, cat lovers, workaholics, green fingers, you name it, or wait, that’s our job. But what do you call a community where living, working, and growing veggies together go hand in hand? 


We launched the concept of “The Bunch”: a group of people from all kinds of generations and backgrounds. People who are connected by their progressive minds believe in the power of urban growth. Once the springboard for our project’s identity was set, we jumped. We created a matching website, a brochure, various ads, social media assets, and a digital campaign. An entire brand strategy was established. By creating a personal identity for each building unit, we highlighted the charm of different characters living side by side.

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