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DSM Additive Manufacturing

3D / Advertising / Brand Strategy / Branding / Events / Merchandising / Movie Production / Photography / Social Media / Storytelling /


As a prominent player in the global chemistry industry, the division known as DSM Additive Manufacturing sought to carve out its own distinct identity. Operating within the parameters of a large corporate structure, they turned to us for help in finding their unique voice. Positioned at the frontline of innovation, with a focus on developing 3D printing materials, they felt their existing identity failed to capture their ambition and dynamism.


We started with a concept to manifest their hunger for innovation, their passion for development and their drive for perfection: Let’s Manufacture Tomorrow. Visually we had to stay close to the corporate branding, so we decided to upgrade it. We reused their colour scheme, but added gradients and combined it with portrait photography of employees, partners or suppliers to add a personal touch. And to showcase their expertise, we created abstract sculptures, based on the properties of specific materials and created these in 3D. The results is a lively visual identity combining lots of colour, expertise and personality.

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