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Hyundai Material Handling

Advertising / Brand Strategy / Branding / Events / Movie Production / Photography / Social Media / Storytelling /


As the industry leader in advanced engineering, Hyundai MH is committed to providing the best forklift trucks and warehouse equipment there is to offer. When this business unit was still in its infancy, Hyundai MH struggled with a low-end perception problem. Over the years, they acquired the image of being the cheaper alternative on the market, despite their massive experience. They asked us to help them become a desired A-brand. We couldn’t wait to lift their brand image.


We introduced ‘Everything starts with Hyundai’. The baseline invites people to submit their challenges to the company and find a solution together. Hyundai wants both clients and dealers to stand on their own while they always have their backs. The baseline is accompanied by a visual identity in which the triangle of the logo recurs in every campaign. Before drawing the first line, we immersed ourselves in their business. Then, we applied a brand strategy to a wide range of communication channels. We showcased Hyundai’s remarkable business success, and a positive brand image was reborn.