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MULTI – Whitewood and Immobel

Brand Identity / Brand Naming / Brand Story / Branding / Brochure / Movie Production / Web Design /


Real estate developers Whitewood and Immobel joined forces for the launch of a certainly ambitious project at Place de Brouckère in Brussels. With the project of MULTI, the objective was to revitalize the well-known yet old H-shaped tower that was previously disconnected from the neighborhood. They came to us for help with rejuvenating the building, creating a vibrant & dynamic environment, and mostly, to be able to see the building as the starting point of a new, inclusive neighborhood. We wanted to open it up and make it accessible to the public, while giving it a modern and timeless look & feel. And what, above all, was the building supposed to exude? The feeling of multiple possibilities for all the people of Brussels.


The neighborhood around MULTI needed fresh air, and since MULTI is the first CO2-neutral office building in Brussels, this was a great opportunity to literally and figuratively blow fresh air through this quartier. So, we started thinking about how to combine the story of the neighborhood, of the people of Brussels, with the renovation of the iconic building. This resulted in an open, accessible corporate identity in which we went far beyond the typical elements. A manifesto was written that breathed MULTI. But we also went further than that, paying tribute to the city of Brussels in a self-written song that beautifully highlights the neighborhood and MULTI itself. It became a project in which we could give it our all copy-wise from clever word combinations to homages, in print, web and video.