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Building a new premium brand of professional hair tools that stands out.


Pro Duo is an international distributor of professional hairdressing and beauty products, being part of the parent company Sally Beauty. With more than 200 stores across Europe, Pro Duo distributes professional brands like L’Oréal and Schwarzkopf, as well as exclusive private labels such as Barnum. And this is where we came into play as Barnum, although being one of Pro Duo’s registered marks, was completely left untouched, without any life force. Pro Duo assigned us to make a remarkable brand out of Barnum. But since our starting point was only this brand name, we had to start completely from scratch, developing a full high quality product line of brushes, scissors, curling irons and hairdryers and creating a premium look & feel with a strong story. Yet, in a traditional market of hair tools with merely one premium brand, we came, we saw and we revived Barnum.


A new life as a unique premium brand of professional hair tools, that’s what we gave Barnum. Focusing on their innovative technology and ease of use, we thought out a concept completely different than what was currently determining the professional market of hair tools. As bling bling seemed to be the way to go, we headed for the opposite direction: we opted for a sleek design yet filled with the contents of Barnum’s unique story, as the brands we want to build aren’t just beautiful but also strongly positioned.

Stand out in the crowd

Barnum distinguishes itself through its advanced Magnesium, Graphite and Ysocel technology, making each product unique. As we wanted to convey this feeling of uniqueness to the packaging as well, we focused on the ease of use of the professional products and came up with a ready-to-use packaging concept. Whereas hair tools are usually packaged sideways, Barnum’s tools are packed with the handles facing upwards: ready for action! Just like cowboys take their guns out of their holsters, so will hairdressers take out their classy tools in a blink of an eye.

Building a new premium
brand of professional
hair tools that
stands out

Barnum is more than a brand; it’s an overall experience generating brand lovers. To be honest, who doesn’t love to receive a package of hair tools carefully sealed like a cigar box? We generated brand lovers indeed. So much so that the shop-in-shop displays we created, successfully attracted not just professionals but really anyone mad about hair. So what’s in a tagline? Everything. Barnum is currently being promoted worldwide, outside of the Sally Beauty network.