Kitchen Fun by Beka

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Branding of a new line of Beka Cookware products, for a new generation of on-the-go shoppers


Beka Cookware, a premium quality label ranging from pots and pans to casseroles available in cookware specialty stores, targets the upper segment. As they saw the need for a low-cost alternative yet quality brand in supermarkets, they called upon our assistance for branding this new product line. Our first order of business was to think of a brand story that would attract a specific target audience: young people who grab a pan on the go in the supermarket, not necessarily the cheapest one but one that will last through some kitchen parties. And that’s exactly what we did.


We created a story that not only supports the brand, but is also an inspiration for life. The brand name “Kitchen Fun” says it all, targeting everyone who likes to cook and eat. Fun is the storyline through all the project’s deliverables. Additionally supported by strong graphics, it’s a story that’s here to stay. Let’s say we like to be thoughtful in what we do.


Fun is a keeper

Colors and forms also appear in the product catalogues, whereas the products themselves were given fun names such as Tango and Samba. Detail seekers will find an inspiring quote on the bottom of the pots and pans, which highlights the fun in cooking. Being King of Hearts, we aim to conquer hearts by supporting our clients in their search of their ultimate audience. For Kitchen Fun we found the ultimate audience in everyone who likes to crack up a party in the kitchen!

Since Kitchen Fun has an Appetite For Life (how about that for a baseline?), a lot of colors and different forms show up on the packaging sleeves, winning the challenge of standing out in the hustle and bustle of a supermarket. As France is Beka’s sales market, the colorful forms refer to the great French painter Matisse (well known for his use of color) and to the southern French way of life. The French consumers accepted the professional and playful product line of Kitchen Fun, without it being a competitor of the mother brand Beka itself.