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Designing the comic-style world of Bobcat in which all machines are invincible heroes.


Although Bobcat owns a high level of brand recognition, they lost the industry’s loving feeling due to the fact that they were communicating in exactly the same way as their fellow competitors. They were no longer an inspiration for the field. As all of them were relying on action shots of digging machines in their communication, all brand ads became exchangeable just by replacing the brand logos. As they realised something had to change, they came to us saying: “Guys, you have to give the Bobcat (brand) back its teeth!”


A concept from the comic books

We decided we must give back Bobcat’s inspiring and exclusive identity. The brand needed to stand out in its uniqueness again. The Bobcat-brand identity is well-known worldwide. Therefore, we emphasised the strong assets of the Bobcat brand: the logo, an icon of which even Batman would be jealous. And we dusted off the baseline “One tough animal”. Together with the strong and recognisable brand colours we had a formula for a comic-book concept.

We came to the rescue with a force of superheroes representing the inconvincible Bobcat machines: a full-on comic’s concept that laid out a whole illustrative Bobcat world in which every machine is to be a hero, referring to the all-American Marvel comics and its well-known warriors.

Where all machines are invincible

As the Skid Steer Loader (SSL) is Bobcat’s original showpiece upon which the brand had raised its awareness, they wanted to build upon the SSL’s renowned compactness and agility in order to highlight other smaller machines with the same prestige. Thanks to the Bobcat world that we created, each machine, regardless of its size, is an inconvincible superhero on its own, making sure the light shines down on all of the Bobcat products.

Get though jobs done

To activate the new brand identity, we needed to come up with an original and engaging idea. It was time to be real. We proudly introduced ‘Though jobs’.Jobs that showcase Bobcat efficiency in real live situations, whether it’s in agriculture, construction, landscaping,or any other circumstance. One jobthe Bobcatteamwill handle for you. Helping to clean up rough terrain to build a jungle gym for the community, helping out on the farmor leveling the bumpy road to the home for the elderly? It can be anything, as long as you make a small difference for someone in your neighborhood. Together with the Bobcat-team, we send one small film crew travel to world in a search for acts of heroism. It’s a win-win. Shareable content for you online channels will be produced and the brand has regained relevance.