Brand Strategy / Branding / Company Movie

Developing a full branding for an international market leader in malt.

Project information

Boortmalt is the world leading malting company with 3 million tonnes production capacity each year. The group is present on 5 continents with 27 malting plants. Their expertise is widely acknowledged by brewers and distillers who rely on their supply of top quality barley malt. With their headquarters around our corner in the port of Antwerp, they challenged us with a full rebranding.

Our challenge

Boortmalt recently joined forces and became market leader in the malt industry. With a huge network of customers and partners, they were challenged to send a clear and unambiguous story into the world. The aim was to develop a new brand identity by preserving the existing core value, but having the appearance of a global player.


Our Solution

A full rebranding exercise

With more than 50 years of experience, Boortmalt continues on setting ambitious goals for a prosperous future. We are proud to be part of one of their ambitious goals: develop a new brand identity. They wanted to keep their brand essence, so we proposed a gentle refreshment of the current brand identity. A smooth evolution in colour, typography and icon it is!


A baseline soaked in craftsmanship

To spice things up, we came up with the baseline “Masters of malt”. A clear brand proposition and a mindset that every employee can relate to. In this way, everyone moves in the same direction. Boortmalt understands as no other, they need to fight a daily battle to conquer their market. They carry out their expertise and are a trustworthy partner for every single stakeholder, every day.

The new Boortmalt wrapped up in a movie

After the implementation of the rebranding, the question for a brand movie came up. The goal was to translate the brand’s mission into an inspirational and informational movie. As Boortmalt stands for high quality and expertise, we organised a high-end production.

The brand movie is a sequence of images that illustrate the craftsmanship of Boortmalt. The malt company has a big legacy and an even bigger ambition for the future. To reach the production value we had in mind, we traveled around Europe to shoot different locations and atmospheric images. While visiting the Boortmalt sites, we bumped into architecturally desolate environments which set the tone of the mood we want to represent in the brand movie.