HELMET by Lazer Helmets

Branding / Video production / Mood video / Brand Story

Bringing a new helmet range to life through a movie that captures the passion, performance and fun of riding a mountain bike

Lazer Helmets is Belgian based and one of the oldest brands of sports helmets in the world. At the front of the race. The products are the result of 100 years of experience, passion and dedication. A perfect blend of design, comfort, safety and technology.

A baseline that matters

Lazer has been around for a long time and has a good reputation in the industry and with professionals, but mostly as a road helmet brand. With the continued growth of mountain bike culture, they wanted to enter this market as well. With the ambition of opening up the world of top quality helmets to a wider audience. So they teamed up with great designers to craft two new mountain bike helmets. The Impala and Coyote, cool and trustworthy designs at a fair price.

We were asked to create a brand and identity for the Lazer Impala range, and bring it to life through online video, social media and advertising. The most important message was: Lazer is passion, performance and the fun of riding.

Our challenge

Gathering all our observations together, we began to form a picture of the challenges and opportunities facing the brand. Lazer was already a premium brand, well known for its great reputation and production of excellent quality road helmets. Although the new Lazer Impala line was technically not superior to other quality helmets, we needed to find a way to make it stand out from the rest.

The new helmets have the same quality, same comfort, same innovative spirit and coolness factor as other popular mountain bike brands. So, apart from all of the quality features, they also needed an emotionally led brand positioning. Being the brand that could combine great quality and coolness, we had the opportunity to move the conversation towards an emotional passion point: the adventure. And because Lazer has different strategies for the US and European markets, we were asked to produce content with a “European” feel.

Our solution

To get under the skin of the brand, our strategic and creative team gathered to think of great content that could be used in all types of traditional and new media. Delivering the idea and message in a visual style that appealed and matched with the Lazer house style.

So we created the perfect mood video, where a group of friends traveled around beautiful European landscapes as if on a summer holiday. Overlooking the beautiful nature and going on a mountain bike adventure together. Because no matter how you ride, nothing is more fun than going on a mountain bike adventure with friends. We devoured everything about mountain bike adventures we had to know and spent time thinking of the perfect baseline to accompany the video.


We thought of a baseline to accentuate the joy of adventures. To take on the unknown trails together with some mates. We created #DownForIt. Encouraging young adventurers to express their courageous selves. To express the pleasure these new range of helmets can give. The excitement of travel combined with the brand’s authentic quality….with no roadblocks in sight.

We created #DownForIt.
A perfect baseline
for emotional product