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Colorful branding of strong paper-based boxes by placing the brand’s key feature in the spotlight


To bring more freshness into our supermarkets, International Paper and De Jong Verpakking decided to join forces. Their paper-based boxes extend the freshness of fruits and vegetables by three to four days, helping to reduce food wastage. As their boxes are made of renewable and recyclable materials, they also contribute to a more sustainable supply chain. But how do you bring a less-colorful product, like a carton box, to the attention of retailers and producers?


First things first, we had to name this baby. Our research brought the word husk to our attention, which is the protective outer shell or coating of a seed. A name that perfectly reflects the brand. We checked for any trademark infringements and helped International Paper and De Jong Verpakking to register and protect the name HUSK™, hence the ™.

Instead of an umlaut, we placed the shape of a little box on the u in the logo, to refer to the brand’s product.

The best way to describe our branding for HUSK™ is an energy punch. It looks just as fresh and vivid as the fruits and vegetables do when they arrive in the supermarkets. We continued this line of feelgood vibes in the brochure, sales presentation, trade fair booth, website, giveaways and many more

We also helped to define and write the story of HUSK™ and how the boxes create maximum business value. Don’t underestimate the power of cardboard! It’s not only sustainable – it can be shipped folded and doesn’t require any rinsing with water – but is also perfect for optimizing stacking and ergonomics on the work floor. You can read the full story on their website.

With HUSK™ International Paper and De Jong Verpakking strive to bring more unity and quality into the European market of paper-based boxes. We created the perfect tools for them to pitch HUSK™ to the marketing departments of supermarkets. Now it’s up to them!