IK ZIE by Bermaso

Branding / Corporate identity / Real estate / Marketing / Webdesign / Online Strategy

Adding value to real estate projects, by bringing them to life in a new brand concept and online platform


In 1999, Xavier Painblanc founded BERMASO NV based on his experience in commercial real estate. Since its inception, the company has focused on the purchase, rental and development of real estate in prime locations in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt and Knokke.

Over the years, BERMASO NV has become the expert in the field of management and commercialization of retail property. Since 2010, BERMASO NV has also been implementing its own residential projects, focusing on location, architecture, a smart layout and high-quality finish.


BERMASO was seeking to find the fundamentals to build and commence a successful real estate campaign for their properties. Independent from the different real estate agencies they work with.

They needed a brand identity for its offering in the different markets they serve. BERMASO operated in different markets for some time, but the company was having challenges getting the properties marketed the way they wanted. Until now, this was a job for the real estate agencies and the company had no power over it, whatsoever.


CEO Xavier Painblanc soon realised that they needed a strong brand identity, a new image and to attract new customers, buyers and sellers. He also wanted to offer a clear vision that would help them sell their properties. He needed to build a home for all of his ideas. But there was one big obstacle, his company has been practically an unknown entity to both brokers and their clients. Suffice to say, there was actually no brand yet, so we created one.

The real estate industry is still forming a shift into the digital world and the boundaries between the mother company and real estate agencies are not yet clearly defined. So it was our mission was to create a brand that could be a home for all of the different real estate projects the company offers. It needed to be a new and refreshed brand aimed at a broad market with different needs. We needed one big vision to unite the different projects. But also be able to activate the projects separately if needed.

Ik zie

The brand idea was born from a broad research and strategy phase, with the aim of finding a brand solution that could unite all of the different projects. We got inspired by the show ‘House Hunters’, a show that follows individuals, couples, or families in search for a new home, accompanied by a real estate agent. Typically, these people would pick the property where they could ‘see themselves living in the future’. So that gave us an idea. Why not call the project “IkZie”, loosely translated to “ISee”. In this way, all of the different projects could be united in the same name. I See myself building something here. I see myself living here. I see myself opening a business here.

Online and offline presence

Next, we created, developed and launched a website and full marketing plan. Properties linked to a clear call to action and the right contact. A full gallery showcasing the property. An online strategy created specifically to drive leads back to the website. In short: one umbrella brand for all of the different properties.

We built a professional, streamlined website, specifically designed for real estate. A lot of white space, clean lines and lots of big images of the properties. Determined to keep the design simple, we let the content and properties take center stage.

Of course, new brand and visual identity had to speak to both brokers and buyers, B2B and B2C, in each market. So we created a small and large toolkit for them, completely applicable to all of the different projects. Brochures, social media kits, or a completely separate page on their website? We provided everything to make sure every project has the possibility to be campaigned independently, but still under the ‘IkZie’ umbrella.