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Repositioning a water brand that connects us through love

Rebranding of the local Belgian water brand Léberg, telling a story of journeying together to the source of love.


Léberg is a local Belgian water brand named after the source it originates from. The brand, mainly known in its own region of Pajottenland and mostly consumed in the hospital industry, wanted us to create a new logo in order to approach the catering sector. Neither Léberg nor us knew what was coming, as what originally started out with a logo would become a real passion project for King of Hearts, touching people’s hearts as well.


Sacha, our creative director, personally traveled to the water source, as he felt this project had to be developed on site. And right he was. As soon as he arrived, the fairy tale character of the region immediately overwhelmed him, whereas Léberg’s bottling plant, surrounded by orchards and forests, reminded him of Charlie’s Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. The source was accessible through a narrow path in the forest, revealing an imposing villa at the end of a large driveway in the background. As the spring has been around for generations, owner François passionately talked about the local heritage and the process of bottling water. It all shouted romance. No doubt about it, we had to develop this project around love.


How better to think out a concept of love with your loved one? Sacha sat down with his wife, creating a story around finding each other at the source: the source of love. And so they did, as they went back to the water spring together. Inspired by their journey, together they created a brand image illustrating the fountain, 

the illustration being both a combination of a drawing of Sacha’s and one of his wife’s. Finalizing their journey together, the creative couple wrote love poems to be published on the labels of the newly designed water bottles.

As for the new logo, it has the shape of a water drop. As the mineral water bottles carry a left-oriented drop and the sparkling water bottles are marked by a right-oriented drop, they form a heart when put together.

Léberg representing the Source of Love responds to the love for the water, the love for the water source’s region (Pajottenland) and the love of a couple enjoying a glass of water whether it’s at a fancy dinner in a restaurant or at a romantic picnic.

Since competing water brands don’t use the concept of love to position themselves, it is Léberg’s perfect way to attract the hospital and the catering sector. Turning the water bottles on the table in order to let the logos’ drops meet in a heart, activating the love poems in a restaurant or leaving the collection of poems as a modern bible in a hospital, love is all around.

A journey to the source of love