Pocket Moments by Planet Parfum

Storytelling / Fair & Events / Digital / Social Media / Installation Art / Movie Production

A 360° campaign of an event’s concept by a high-end perfumery, about memories that create long-term value


Planet Parfum is a well-known Belgian high-end perfumery with 82 outlets in Belgium and Luxembourg, selling a wide range of perfumes and beauty products. As they wanted to add extra emotional value to their products, they came knocking on our door to fulfill their needs. In order for Planet Parfum to roam the Belgian summer festivals, we needed to come up with a mobile concept that could be activated at events. In our belief that an event concept is just what it is, we started to think outside the box… Or not?


Although thinking outside the box led us to activating the events around or better said, inside a mirror box on festival grounds, we designed a 360 degree brand activation. Our goal was indeed to add extra emotion to Planet Parfum’s brand yet aiming for long-term value. As we tend to forget that there is more to perfume and cosmetics than merely commodities, we decided to aim for people’s memories regarding a fragrance, deepening the experience of the event’s concept.

Pocket Moments by Planet Parfum constitutes a library of memories, by capturing stories related to a certain perfume. Does a scent remind you of that day when you met that one special person? Or are you wearing a certain fragrance as a tribute to your mother? Whatever nostalgic memoirs related to a smell, we inspired people to share their little precious stories or Pocket Moments.

To release the campaign, motivating as many people as possible to share their perfume memories, we produced video testimonials featuring someone’s personal story.

At festivals we installed that out-of-the-box-conceived mirror box, an attractive container decorated with mood lights and colourful carpets. It acted as a gathering place to read other people’s Pocket Moments or to share one of oneself. In return for sharing a memory a discount voucher was given, which could be redeemed in one of the Planet Parfum’s outlets. To finish off the festival experience festivalgoers could opt for a makeup service right on the spot.

Developing a mobile event concept to create extra value to a high-end perfumery and its products.

Ensuring a diversity of communication touchpoints to create a full customer experience, Pockets Moments was campaigned in all Planet Parfum’s outlets and through the brand’s website as well as through the campaign website.


Thanks to the fun concept other festivals that weren’t part of the initial festival planning asked Planet Parfum to install the Pocket Moments container on their festival grounds. Needless to say the 360 degree brand activation has been very successful, even in terms of conversion.

Attracting all kinds of beauty, Pocket Moments can be activated at different events ranging from concerts and shop openings to custom made installations at public grounds, as beauty is everywhere in each and everyone of us.