RYDOO a Sodexo

Movie Production / Music & Sound / Illustration

Nailing a complex concept, a business expense platform, in just one minute


Rydoo is a business expense platform that helps modern companies to manage their business and travel expenses on-the-go and in real time. Rydoo is the result of of Sodexo, iAlbatros and Xpenditure joining forces, and aims for a seamless workflow and better quality of life for employees. But how do you convince people of an app’s convenience without losing yourself in technical details? With a touch of magic? We don’t think so. So we created a series of explainer videos that are clear, fun and warm hearted.

Goodbye frustrations. Hello more time and money!

Rydoo is cost-effective, user friendly and compliant with the Royal Decree. The automated receipt reader extracts all the necessary information such as time, amount, type of purchase and automatically files the receipt in the right place, ready to get approved and reimbursed! Everything is automated so employees and business owners save time but also keep an overview at any time, anywhere. On top of that, the team of Rydoo keeps the app up-to-date with tax legislation.

To highlight how Rydoo helps companies and to market the app, we created an animated video focusing on the company’s vision. We also condensed each feature down to its core in the seven feature videos.

After meeting with the Rydoo team and doing our research, we created the overall concept. We put mood boards and storyboards up on our walls and sat down to write the scripts. We made sure the style frames were in-line with Rydoo’s unique branding, which consists of stylish animations in a distinct color palette. While the animated videos are designed in 3D, the feature videos combine a real life actress with animations.

People worldwide can now learn more about Rydoo in a clear and to-the-point way. They are just one video away of managing their expenses without any hassle.