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How we established a strong, creative vision and branding for a school that delivers the modern butler for the 21st century.

Project information

School for Butlers’ is an exclusive institute to learn all there is to know about top-class quality, service and the butler’s trade. The Vermeulen family is redefining hospitality since 1884. The current owner, Vincent Vermeulen’s great grandfather Frans Vermeulen, was already making his first steps in hospitality by opening a catering business.

Many years later, Vincent’s father renovated a small guesthouse on the coast and turned it into a hotel and gastronomic restaurant. This is where Vincent and his brother, Gino, learned the secrets of true hospitality and service from a very young age. In 2013, when time was ripe, Vincent decided to honor his great grandfather by opening the first butler school in Belgium.

Students who want to work in service and private service and anyone who wants to learn high-level service in an intensive training is welcome here. After this training, graduates are granted immediate access to a high-end job network provided by the school. School for Butlers is proud to have former students working with the most influential families in the world.

Of course, Vincent wanted to excel and be different from the other hospitality training. So, this is where we came in. And we put on our finest suit and tie to deliver a first-class branding.

Our challenge

It was very clear from the start that Vincent had a very strong vision of what this school needed to become. Yet, he didn’t seem to be able to translate this vision into reality. One thing was certain: he wanted to step away from the rather classical approach. He chose to be different from the others. So, we began a search for the core of the ‘School for Butlers’ identity.

We loved immersing ourselves in this very peculiar world and experiencing this enchanting place of discretion and invisible service these butlers provide. Seeing it all firsthand helped us understand the spirit of the school and its mission; delivering the modern butler for the 21st century, not the past century.

We put on our
finest suit and tie
to deliver a
first-class branding.

Our solution

Our proposition was to get inspired by the movie ‘Kingsman’. ‘Manners make the man’. The message that politeness and etiquette are key and this school owns it, with an extra touch of rock n’ roll. We aimed to move ‘School for Butlers’ beyond just being a regular training, but making it a way of life.

While we were at the domain Canteclair, we learned that the best butlers in the world commit themselves to excellence. And so do we. We strongly believe branding starts with crafting the brand message. The brand needed to be high-end, but at the same time approachable for every ambitious individual considering the hospitality business. The combination of the right tone-of-voice and branding illustrates the unique proposition ‘School for Butlers’ offers: high-end, with a twist.

Our logo is polished but approachable and easy to read. We made sure to make it as instantly recognizable as possible. So young and old(er), ladies and gentlemen, experienced and less experienced get triggered by it.

Our photography and web design were inspired by the rich history of the Vermeulen family. But of course, we added a 21th-century twist. When you look at the branding and photography, you experience how it feels to walk around in this very special place.