Thelma & Louise

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Repositioning a clothing line that chooses to be diverse yet complementary


Thelma&Louise is a Belgian fashion brand that had been existing for 20 years at the time Liza and Marie took it over in 2017. As the previous owner was taking a step back in his career, the brand had lost its charisma over time. Eager to turn Thelma&Louise into a strong brand again, the two enthusiastic young ladies came to us in order to execute the brand’s transformation. Without touching the brand’s current nature, our task was to deliver a new brand experience, targeting their loyal classic-style customers and at the same time a younger, trendier audience. Breathing new life into the brand existing today while aiming for a viable brand in the long run, we thought out a new concept for Thelma&Louise 2.0.

Two personalities, one brand

Remember Thelma & Louise? Best friends and carefree souls embarking on an adventurous road trip. As the proud new owners Liza and Marie reminded us of these two strong, wandering women, we developed a brand story based upon the diversity of their sparking personalities. Thelma & Louise are the yin and yang of fashion. Being different yet complementary, they powerfully lift each other up. It’s right to say these girls are a match made in wardrobe heaven.

Louise’s classical, mature and elegant grace, complemented with Thelma’s young, fashionable and colourful style was the ground for the rebranding of this Belgian fashion line. All things design expressing a synergy of opposites, the brand new logo combines a traditional font, pleasing Louise, with playful letters à la Thelma. Additionally, Thelma&Louise’s hometown Antwerp – internationally famous as a fashion capital – had to be part of the rebranding story as well.

A match made in wardrobe heaven

You’ll see Thelma wearing some of Louise’s outfits and vice versa. Shot at different locations in Antwerp, as the brand is proudly designed in this Belgian city, the catalogue is intentionally made by women only. Apart from the models, the photographer, the make-up artist, the designer and the account manager are strong women as well!

Based upon these key elements, Thelma&Louise will kick off their new brand story and graphic identity at the launch of their Summer/Spring collection 2019, a collection in which Liza and Marie have been involved from beginning till end, contributing a.o. to design, production and sales. Extending the narrative concept and visual identity of opposites attracting, the collection’s catalogue represents two unique models whom have their own style but still fit together.