MAX by Whitewood

Brand development & strategy / Branding / Installation Art / Corporate identity / Illustration

Approaching facility management in a holistic way by offering top-notch full services while growing a loyal community


Whitewood is an active player in the Belgian and Dutch real estate sector, both in the field of investment and facility management. On the one hand they invest in buildings, creating added value to properties in order to generate a higher renting or selling price per square meters, on the other hand they manage office buildings. For this segment they asked us to provide the branding for 4 buildings and their services in the Netherlands. Whitewood expected us to create a logo and corporate identity, but they didn’t expect that we would give them much more.


As Whitewood gave us the trust to go totally bold, branding wasn’t the only thing on our minds. We went for a holistic approach that exceeded logos and corporate identities. Working closely together with the passionate Conix architects, we were able to push boundaries and get one step ahead in facility management.

More than just managing standard office building’s facilities such as front desk, cleaning, security and parking, we set the goal to meet a wider range of needs for office workers. So we’ve created MAX: a full service package, which can be deployed in several of Whitewood’s real estate projects.

A full serviced office management

Because let’s face it: who doesn’t want to be part of a group of these full service buildings? Investors as well as companies can enjoy a total experience by choosing for a MAX-managed building.

As it took one year to renovate the 4 buildings in The Netherlands for which we originally accepted the branding challenge, we got Whitewood’s back during the whole project. As you know Rome wasn’t built in a day, our clients know we will stick around while building Italy in the meantime.

No lunch spots around? MAX will make sure a food truck will come by to keep that hungry wolf at bay. In need of an ironed shirt for that last minute meeting? Just leave your laundry, as it will be picked up for smooth ironing. High quality coffee to pump up your work pace or relaxing yoga classes to take a break from work, it will be right at your office’s doorstep. MAX consists of all services comforting office tenants and employees.

With MAX we created a new concept of high-end facility management that can be adopted by all Whitewood’s buildings, creating the urge for a MAX-community.