SHIFT by ZF Wind Power

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Creating a visionary gearbox brand that changes the wind power industry


ZF Wind Power is a pioneer in the development of the most innovative wind gearboxes worldwide. In response to today’s market revolution, ZF Wind Power has developed a new kind of wind gearbox. After years of developing custom wind gearboxes from scratch, ZF Wind Power has developed a modular platform that offers high flexibility by adapting wind turbine designs to the changing market requirements.  


Once ZF Wind Power had developed its new platform, it needed help to introduce it to the market. The platform required a strong and active name and a crystal clear brand identity. After we defined the brand essentials, ZF Wind Power asked us to devise an activation concept for Europe’s most important wind trade fair. It is a challenge we gladly accept.

A new mindset defined in a brand name

Having a great product is the first step, but defining a brand that identifies the product demands a different type of expertise. Following our research and our brainstorming sessions with the ZF Wind Power team, we helped the company find a name for its platform: 

a name that is easy to remember has substance and reinforces the product. Please welcome ‘Shift’. We created a Shift logo and defined its branding with a key visual and a landing page. 

Together we shift towards the future

Once all brand essentials were in place, we moved on to the next part of our plan: the development of an attractive activation concept for Europe’s most important wind trade fair.

First things first: we designed an old-school personal invitation ZF Wind Power sent to an exclusive group of decision makers to celebrate the launch of its platform. We also developed a sales package that included a leave behind and a sales presentation to support the sales people at the booth.

But there was more. We needed to come up with a creative idea to ensure that the ZF booth immediately caught people’s attention. Because a wind gearbox can’t just be moved around, we came up with a different solution, a more innovative solution: we brought the gearbox to life with an augmented reality application supported by a digital calculator. To support the more technical part of the platform, we created several videos of ZF employees talking about Shift’s advantages and specifications.

We’ve come
full circle

Last but not least, we built an advertising strategy on LinkedIn targeting decision-makers in the global wind power market. This also allowed us to raise brand awareness in people who couldn’t make it to WindEnergy Hamburg. Shift got noticed and was the talk of town during the trade fair and we achieved highly effective results with a limited media budget.

An empowering and inspiring partnership

Over the past two years, we have built a professional relationship with ZF Wind Power based on trust and a shared passion for innovation. We are continuously helping to spread its vision, story and expertise.