Sniper cycling team

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Branding of a Professional Continental cycling team, attracting both fans and professionals


Nick Nuyens is a Belgian former professional road racing cyclist. A Tour of Flanders winner, he was known within the peloton for his skilful cycling style. His signature move was to pull up behind someone’s back and shoot to the front for victory, earning himself the nickname Sniper. After retiring as a pro, he wanted to set up his own Professional Continental team, based on his vision and values. Developing a team and an organisation is only one part of the business, branding this team in the right way is the other part, which is especially important in the professional cycling circuit.



The first step we took to make the brand unique in the cycling world was by not naming the team after its main sponsor, as what is usually the case. Sniper Cycling Team, inspired by Nuyens’ Nick-name, is a cycling team that is based upon the founder’s personal identity. The team’s sponsors will be incorporated around the logo, but Sniper is the team’s unique name.

Always Aim Higher!

Additionally, we created a brand story by establishing Nick’s personal philosophy on professional cycling as a team. Precision, power and perseverance are the main cornerstones for a team wanting to reach the top, to perform better, to push boundaries. So we set the brand promise: Aim Higher.

Sniper’s refreshing and unique brand identity – applied to the website and merchandising as well as to all cycling jerseys, cars and campers – inspires young upcoming cycling talents and leaves a lasting impression on both fans and professionals.